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Why Your Patients Won't Stay, Pay, Or Commit in a Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

In this video and post, we are talking about one of the key mindset barriers and shifts I see in new cash based physical therapy private practice owners that will either hold you back or catapult you forward in being able to sell your services and plans of care, without feeling icky.

Do you feel like none of your patients want to pay for your services or buy into the plan of care?

This is a topic that's been coming up quite a bit recently with the physical therapy private practice owners I coach, so in case this is something that you're struggling with, I wanted to share with you one perspective. There can be many fears around starting your own business, especially with the aspect of asking for money in exchange for your services. It doesn't come naturally to a lot of people, including us therapists and clinicians.

How do we get this buy in?

The main question I ask physical therapy private practice business owners is: Are you willing to commit to the same thing you're asking of your patients?

This is where you need to be really honest with yourself.

Would you personally pursue private health services?

Would you pay out of pocket for them?

Would you pay the same rate you're charging?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it makes it really difficult to then turn around and ask the same of your patients and clients.

So if you're finding yourself saying "No one will pay for this" or "Everyone wants cheap labor", take a HUGE step back and reflect on your own values and beliefs when it comes to paying out of pocket for services.

These thought patterns make it really difficult to be confident in the sales process, and therefore, makes it hard to get patients to stay, pay, and commit.

Second, are you willing to commit to the same full plan of care with that patient? Are you struggling with fears around money, assuming what people will pay or not pay? Are you unsure of your own schedule and unsure of committing to something long term?

If so, spend some time tackling these limiting beliefs one at a time to practice your own commitment so that you can confidently ask for it from someone else.

For more examples, check out the video above!

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