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Meet Dr. Morgan Meese, PT

Physical Therapist, Wellness Coach, and Business Coach


Morgan Meese is a physical therapist, wellness coach, and business consultant. After trying a job in corporate healthcare right after school, she quickly realized that she wanted more out of life than a 9-5 job that only left her with tons of anxiety and depression, and a broken heart over not being able to care for patients in the right way. She moved on to the world of self-employment and found that starting her own business & having a cash-based physical therapy practice where she was in charge of the way she helped her clients made her feel alive again.

She jumped into the world of telehealth doing a competition and accidentally became prepared for the pandemic. She was able to continue seeing clients online despite the quarantine and her friends began coming to her asking her how they could do the same thing -- here is where the consulting business was born! When she isn't working with athletes in her garage gym or online, she teaches other clinicians how to set up their own solo cash-based practices so they can start working with clients in a way that serves them too.  

Morgan’s experience with health and wellness began at a young age. At just 11 years old, she was diagnosed with a kidney disorder and told she would have it for the rest of her life. She had to begin taking heavy steroids, leading to inevitable weight gain, and just as she was beginning to fall in love with competitive sports, she was told she needed to sit on the sidelines. She was told there was nothing she could do about it. She didn’t listen. 

After her diagnosis, Morgan went on to play softball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball, run cross country, and do circuit training and weight lifting. With a strong focus on physical activity and eating well, she was in remission only six years after her diagnosis. She was never on her own, however: she attributes much of her success to her family, particularly her mom and dad, for always encouraging her to pursue whatever sport or activity she wanted and providing the necessary nutrition to do so. The encouragement she received, along with the years-long emphasis on wellness, inspired her field of study in college.


Fast forward to today, she is free of her kidney disorder and is now a licensed physical therapist and wellness coach who recently started her own business with the mission of helping fitness athletes overcome injuries and get back to feeling their best. Most recently, she has taken on a new business venture: telehealth and private practice in the age of COVID-19.


After experiencing and beating her disorder at such a young age, Morgan wanted nothing more than to be able to help others feel their best. She received a doctorate in physical therapy from Ithaca College in 2018 and decided to pursue a career in Las Vegas with her fiancé, Kyle, who is also a physical therapist. But a doctorate degree wasn’t enough - she also became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and wellness coach.


Upon moving to Las Vegas, Morgan took a job working at an outpatient physical therapy clinic. At first, she enjoyed being able to finally practice physical therapy after spending so long in the classroom and in clinicals. It soon became clear, however, that she wanted to pursue other forms of patient care. She left and began working for home health practices, which allowed her more flexibility and the ability to work with patients the way she wanted to. Yet, she found herself still wishing for more out of her career.


This is when she decided to set out on her own. She knew it would be risky starting a physical therapy business, but she knew she had the ability to help people in ways she hadn’t been able to yet. Thus, The Well Physio, LLC was founded. She partnered with her Cross Fit gym and began seeing fellow athletes as patients; meanwhile, she worked to create an online following and began taking clients from the local area as well. With both in-person and telehealth appointments, extensive exercise plans, and in-depth conversations regarding each patient’s overall physical and mental health, Morgan has slowly built a loyal client base in the Las Vegas area.


When the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S. caused nonessential services to close and social distancing policies to be implemented, Morgan decided to take her business in a different direction. After learning the ins and outs of starting a business from scratch, with a particular interest in telehealth - medical care practiced remotely - she saw an opportunity to help others in a new way. 


“I decided to start doing telehealth because I had a personal interest in it,” she said. “I’ve always liked technology and even in school, it was something I was interested in doing. It’s been working really well with my clients at the gym, so I’ve decided to keep doing it.”


Not only has she taken on several telehealth clients herself, but she’s also offering other healthcare professionals the opportunity to enroll in her mentorship opportunities in order to help with transferring their practices to telehealth operations. “It’s important during COVID because a lot of people still have pain or other issues that physical therapy can help with, and a lot of it can at least be addressed, if not completely solved, with telehealth.”


Fifteen years after Morgan’s diagnosis, she is healthier than she’s ever been and has made it her personal mission to help others achieve their goals, whether in health or in business. With a private physical therapy practice, telehealth coaching, Facebook and Instagram followings, and even a podcast, she has plenty on her plate - but all of her hard work is paying off. At just 11 years old, she knew what it felt like to be given a diagnosis and to be told she could do nothing but sit on the sidelines, and wants to do everything in her power to make sure others never feel the same way.

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