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Get More Physical Therapy Clients From Your Website

Understand the Google Search Algorithm for More Organic Clients

If you’re a business owner, you know that it is more important than ever to have a strong online presence. It starts with having a website but doesn’t end there.

If you want your business to grow, you need people to find your website and take action on it. Whether it’s finding directions to your clinic, purchasing something you sell, setting up a meeting or consultation, or just learning something new, chances are people will first interact with you online.

How will they find you? Most likely via Google, or another search engine. You don’t want to miss out on clients, so you should do everything you can to improve where your practice ranks in Google search.

How do I improve the search rank for my physical therapy practice?

There are two sides to improving your search ranking.

1. Improve your overall website performance and function.

  • Make sure it loads quickly

    • You can run your own quick performance check here:

  • ‼️ Make sure it looks good on mobile ‼️

    • Most people browse the web on their mobile devices. It’s 2023. Make sure your website looks good on phone, tablet, AND desktop.

2. Improve the user experience

  • Is it easy to find what you're looking for?

    • Make sure navigation is clear and easy. If you need to click more than 3 times to get to important information, then your navigation should be improved.

  • Is it clear who you are and what you do?

    • Make sure you tell people who you are and what you do. Usually this is done on an about page or services page, but it can also just be right on the home page.

  • Is there a clear call to action (CTA)?

    • Someone found your website. Great! Now what? What do you want them to do now that they're here? Make sure it is clear to them what you want them to do. Here are some examples for different business types:

‒ "Order now" or "Reserve a table" for a restaurant

‒ "Schedule an appointment" for a doctor

‒ "Book a free consultation" for a freelancer or contractor

‒ "Schedule a 15 minute call"

‒ "Shop now"

‒ "Call now"

‒ "Contact us"

It’s okay to have more than one call to action, but it should be clear what your main goal is.

Make sure you have a call to action button in the navbar section of your website. That's the bar at the top with all the page links. This is considered a best practice for websites, so Google checks for this.


If you want more clients from your website, you should look to improve your google search ranking. The steps to do that are first, make sure your website performs well. And second, improve your website's user experience.

In this article we’ve outlined some of the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The two steps we talk about above are the first steps to any SEO project. If you want to grow your business online in 2023, you’re going to need to know a little bit about SEO so it’s great that you’re off to a good start.

Looking for more resources?

There is no better place to start than the source itself. Here are some great resources from Google:

About the Author

Spencer Letizia is a website developer and SEO expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Founder of Slope Tech NYC, Spencer helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations start, grow, and maintain their website and digital presence. You can join his growing list of clients (like Morgan 🙂) who are thriving online thanks to more organic traffic.

Get started today!

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