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Therapy Business Basics 2.0

How to start your cash-based solo practice ASAP!

Therapy Business Basics is a mini course created by a cash-based physical therapist that will take you from knowing absolutely ZERO about how to set up a business to being able to start seeing patients ASAP.

During this 4 day live course, we will cover:

6.42 CEUs

This activity has been approved for 6.42 CCUs for PTs and PTAs in most states. Click here to see if yours is included.


What's new in Therapy Business Basics 2.0?

You might be wondering what's the difference between Therapy Business Basics 2020 and the new version updated for 2024. In the 2024 version, you will see:

✅ Recommendations on business entities

✅ Updated softwares for documentation and HEP software

✅ New options for business bank accounts

✅ Updated intake and consent form templates

✅ Platforms to accept payments

✅ Optional continuing education credit

trent b.PNG

Starting a practice is very doable if you know the processes to take prior to seeing patients, which is covered in this course. Great very important and time worthy info. For me, the pace of this course was just right.

-- Trent, PT

kyle brown.jpg

A great course! A minimal time requirement for the amount of info you walk away with. Just the basics which makes the process a little less overwhelming. I was able to further research each idea or suggestion if I felt I needed more details/clarification; but having a basic outline was really what I needed to get myself to just start the process. This course is worth more than you end up paying.

-- Kyle, PT

calli 2.PNG

This course provided a great foundation to get started and hit all the major points for a basics course! Great content and super helpful!

-- Calli, OT

stephanie b.PNG

Step by step what I need to open my own business! Would not chance a thing about this course, it was exactly what I needed.

-- Stephanie, PT

Your live event schedule:


To start off, we're diving deep into the ins and outs of starting your cash-based solo practice. We'll chat about why keeping it lean is the way to go, sharing some stories from other practice owners.


Next up, I'll spill the beans on who this gig is perfect for and the good, bad, and ugly of diving into business ownership. Legal stuff? Yeah, we'll tackle that too - from checking out the practice acts to figuring out what certifications you might need. And hey, we're clearing up some myths along the way and exploring different ways you can set up shop cash-based. 

✅ Is starting a cash-based solo practice for you?

✅ Modern approach to setting up a business vs. the traditional route (and which is easier)

✅ Different models of cash-based practice

✅ Choosing a location

✅ Naming your business

✅ The legal aspect -- looking into your state practice act, direct access, business structure per state


Next, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty of setting up your therapy business like a pro. First off, we'll tackle the big one - getting your business entity sorted, from picking the right structure to forming that LLC. Then, we'll walk you through the paperwork jungle - how to file, whether you need state or local licenses, and what permits might be on your checklist. Money matters? You bet. We'll cover snagging that EIN from the IRS, setting up your business bank accounts, and finding a payment processor so you can start charging clients. 

✅ Business structures -- which one is right for you?

✅ Business licensing -- how to figure out what you need

✅ Registered agents

✅ Getting your tax ID number/EIN

✅ Business bank accounts

✅ How to take payment

✅ What should you charge?

✅ How much should you pay yourself?

✅ Getting your NPI number


Here, we're putting your business armor on and making sure you're covered from all angles. We'll start by talking about professional liability insurance and the details on whether you need general liability insurance, depending on where you're planning to set up shop. Then, we'll dive into some options for insurance providers like HPSO, CM&F, American Professional, and My PT/OT Insurance. And hey, paperwork's part of the deal too - we'll walk you through consent to treat forms with a handy example, and we'll throw in some treatment agreement forms to seal the deal. 

✅ Signing up for liability insurance

✅ Creating your intake and consent forms

DAY 4: OPEN - APRIL 25, 2024 AT 5PM PST

In this final stretch of our course, we're tackling the admin side of your therapy biz like a boss. First up, we'll show you the ropes on setting up Google Workspace to keep all your docs in order, but we'll also explore other handy documentation providers you might wanna check out. Then, we'll dive into the world of Google Drive and Docs, making sure you're a pro at keeping everything organized and accessible. Oh, and don't forget about signing that BAA - we'll walk you through it step by step. Plus, we'll show you an option for a business email and phone number. 

✅ Softwares available for documentation

✅ Getting set up with Google Workspace

✅ Easiest documentation software and process

✅ Scheduling patients

✅ How to document for private clients

✅ Telehealth options

✅ Deciding on opening day


Presented by Morgan Meese, Physical Therapist

This live event is created and hosted by Dr. Morgan Meese, cash based solo physical therapy practice owner since 2019. This course was originally put together in 2020 to help other PTs just like her start their own private practices as fast as possible. 

Still going strong four years later, Therapy Business Basics is now approved for 6.42 CEUs for PTs and PTAs and with this live event, will be updated as the 2.0 version for 2024.

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By signing up for this event, you get:

  • 1 ticket to the live TBB 2.0 event April 22-25, 2024 with 4 days of livestreams to learn and get your questions answered in real time ($500 value)

  • Lifetime access to the updated Therapy Business Basics mini course ($100 value)

  • Free intake form, consent form, and note templates ($200 value)

  • 6.42 CEUs if you're a PT/PTA licensed in these states ($300 value)

  • A foolproof plan to start and launch your cash-based solo practice with a step-by-step checklist! (priceless!!)

Just $49

(reg. priced at $99)

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