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I'm a physical therapist and healthcare digital marketing specialist. I work with cash-based therapy practices & other healthcare providers across the United States to help them grow their online presence and their business. 

I offer private, custom, 1:1 digital marketing consulting and coaching, with a special focus on social media and email marketing as well as paid advertising. All work together is done virtually; synchronously and asynchronously.

My Philosophy:

"Every small business needs a solid digital marketing foundation with a clear understanding of their sales pipeline so that they can grow a thriving business that serves them and their clients."


We have limited availability throughout the year, however we offer custom packages for clients who are a good fit.

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Digital Marketing Testimonial:

Dr. Reina Olivera of The Telehealth OT

tells her story of working with Morgan.

"I was able to get over 1000 registrants for a webinar that I launched with Morgan's help...

Not only a pleasure to work with but she is also SO organized and caring."