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6 Reasons It May Be a Mistake to Build Your Own Website

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I wanted to talk about this topic that may or may not be a little bit controversial: why I believe that building your own website is a mistake as a practice owner. I know that is a pretty bold statement and I will say that there's definitely an asterisk at the end of that, but I want to bring up a few different reasons why building your own practice website could be a mistake for you.

This is based on what I have seen from other practice owners and other therapists who are getting started on their own, and the biggest thing is that the websites that get built are either ineffective or they take way too much time away from the things that will actually drive and grow your business when you are first getting started.

As a new business owner, it's so important for you to be so effective and efficient, especially as a solo practice owner. Being a single person practice myself, I hate seeing people getting bogged down in these details and that's part of the reason why I've started working with practices, building websites, updating websites, and building out all of the digital marketing on the back end for them because it's just not the thing that the practice owner wants to spend their time on, needs to spend their time on, and no