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Cash Based PT Success Stories

Updated: Jan 15

Graduates of the DPT to CEO Program

Embarking on the journey from clinician to entrepreneur is a path filled with challenges, triumphs, and life-altering transformations. In this blog post, we'll dive into the inspiring success stories of individuals who chose the DPT to CEO program to reshape their professional destinies. These stories not only highlight the diverse avenues that the program opens but also serve as a beacon of inspiration for anyone thinking about a similar career shift.

Ross Childs: From Burnout to Flourishing Practice

Our first graduate, Ross Childs, stands as a testament to the power of determination and strategic planning. In February 2021, Ross opened his cash based practice in New Hampshire, a venture born out of a desire for change and a commitment to a better life for his son. Burnt out and seeking a shift from clinical practice, Ross joined the DPT to CEO program with a clear vision. Ross began working with us in December 2020, where we helped craft a launch plan that saw his practice officially open in February 2021.

Since then, Ross has consistently maintained 15 to 25 appointments per week, a remarkable achievement. Currently, his main concern is having too many appointments, which is a good problem to have. Ross's story illuminates the success achievable through the KLT framework discussed in the program, allowing him not only to launch his practice but also to pursue higher education opportunities, including a fellowship program and a Doctor of Science degree. His ability to craft a thriving practice while prioritizing time with his son showcases the holistic impact of the DPT to CEO journey. If you want to read more on what our DPT to CEO program has to offer, check out our blog post here.

Sarah Barbosa: Breaking Free and Thriving in Powerlifting PT

The second tale unfolds with Sarah Barbosa, who decided to take control of her professional destiny. Starting a sports performance cash pay practice in New Jersey in early 2023, Sarah embarked on this entrepreneurial journey only two years after graduating from her doctoral program. Frustrated with burnout, productivity standards, and the limitations imposed by the insurance world, Sarah's breaking point led her to the DPT to CEO program, shifting her mindset for the better. Check out my blog post here about mindset as a business owner.

Since officially opening her practice in February 2023, Sarah consistently brings in a full-time income each month, averaging 10 to 15 appointments weekly. Specializing in powerlifting, she has found joy in treating her favorite patients on her terms. Sarah's exhilarating success demonstrates the financial rewards and personal satisfaction that come with breaking free from the traditional model of employment to provide patient care that one can feel good about.

Bree and Alyssa Almeida: Pioneering Pelvic Health in Massachusetts

Our final dynamic duo, Bree and Alyssa Almeida, embarked on the entrepreneurial path by starting Renew Health, a pelvic health practice in Massachusetts in 2022. Initially working full-time while enrolled in the DPT to CEO program, they soon recognized the need to fully commit to their own practice to achieve their goals.

With courage and a solid plan, Bree and Alyssa took the leap, and their business has flourished. Celebrating over a year and a half in operation, they proudly shared on Instagram how they've positively impacted their community by working with over 400 patients. Their journey exemplifies the power of resilience and dedication to making a difference in the healthcare landscape, even as an out-of-network practice. You can learn more about the benefits of starting an out-of-network practice here. 

A Call to Transformation

These stories illuminate the diverse paths that emerge when clinicians transition to CEOs, driven by a desire for change, autonomy, and impact. The DPT to CEO program serves as a guiding light, offering strategic frameworks and personalized plans for success. If you find resonance in these stories and envision your own transformative journey, consider taking the plunge and exploring the possibilities that await you in the realm of entrepreneurship. The power to shape your professional destiny lies within your hands.

If you’re motivated and ready to take the leap after hearing these inspirational success stories, check out the DPT to CEO program. We are currently accepting applications for new students to join our program. You can apply to our coaching program here!

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