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3 Reasons Why I Would Not Hire a Business Coach

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

As many of us have seen online, business coaches are not hard to find. I don't know if you've noticed, but I’ve even been doing business coaching 😄 There are so many different coaches out there, whether they call themselves a business coach, marketing coach, sales coach... the list goes on. There are different people you can work with that have expertise in different areas of business. I wanted to share this because I have a coaching program (DPT to CEO program) that is for occupational, speech, and physical therapists (chiros and fitness coaches too). I’m really proud of it, and I really believe in it. I’ve seen it get results over and over again, but it’s not for everybody and that’s ok.

Should I Hire a Business Coach?

I wanted to put this out there because if you are new to this whole space (running your own business and owning your own practice), then you’ve probably seen tons of ads from various different business coaching programs. You might feel like, “Oh man am I doing something wrong if I don’t have a business coach? Should I be investing in one? Will that make me more successful?”

As a business coach, I wanted to tell you that it’s ok if you don’t hire a business coach. Below I'm going to discuss 3 reasons why I feel like, if it were me, I would not want to hire a business coach. When I first started my journey and experience into the business world I did hire a business coach. I think I’ve had 4 different coaching programs in that time. Some are really good, some were not a great fit for me. That’s why I’m also trying to put this information out there. I only want to bring people into my program that genuinely would be a good fit, not just as many people as possible, because I’ve been that person where once I got into it I started to realize it wasn’t a good fit for me and I regretted making the investment. So let's start with reason number one.

You Don't Have a Clear Idea of What You Want to Do

If you’re in a place where you feel like you are just exploring your options and seeing what is out there in terms of different business ideas that you could potentially dip your toe into and see what it’s like. Because opening your own practice is not the only option out there. If you’re exploring if that’s a good option for you, or product based business, blogging, Youtube, whatever kind of business, I would not suggest hiring a business coach (just yet). Down the road it may be great, but I would really suggest having an idea of what it is that you want to do. Of course there are coaches that can help you and can help you craft that vision, but it does make it, I think, really difficult to get the most out of the coaching experience if you’re not really sure what you ultimately want to be doing, or what results you might want later on (what you’re really looking for). Spend some time with yourself, reflecting on what you’re trying to get out of being an entrepreneur and seeing what else is out there I think would be more helpful to you in the short term until you’re able to narrow it down to 2 - 3 different ideas and then look into those a bit more and try to find somebody who ‘s doing the thing that you want to do.

For example, I own and operate a cash-based PT practice and I’ve had experience working out of a gym, doing mobile, working in my garage gym, doing Telehealth, and I also run a branch of my business is marketing consulting where I do digital marketing for other practices, as well as coaching. If any of those things are of interest to you, I may be a good fit, but until you have a better idea of what you’re looking for both in terms of what you want to do and what results you want to see, hiring any business coach is probably not the right choice. If you are at that stage, read as many books as you can, listen to as many podcasts as you can, (you can look mine up!), watch videos. I love watching things on Youtube. They really inspire me sometimes to see what other entrepreneurs are doing. I definitely recommend that!

You Need to Go Through the Experience Yourself in Order to Learn

If you feel that the way you learn best is to go through all of the trial and error of every single step on your own. If that’s how you learn best where you have to physically be doing all of the things and have the actual experiences to learn from it a business coach might help. However, a hallmark of what coaches can do is help guide you down different pathways so you don’t have to go through as many mistakes/trial and errors. It ends up saving you a lot of time. If you want to do that though, then go for it. That’s ok too. There are so many resources online whether it’s in my DPT to CEO Facebook group, blogs or Youtube channels (shameless plug here), or all of the other resources. Uncaged Clinician is a great group. Josh, Dave, and Kevin are super nice. There are so many other people who can help you with this with their different resources for you to use (groups and social media). I highly recommend taking all of that in. There are also books out there. Danny Matta has a great book. I also recommend Paul Gough's To Sell is Healthy and New Patient Accelerator Method. If you want to do it all on your own then that’s great. Really what I want to get across with this point is to stay true to yourself. Just because you see myself or other people on ads and we’re promoting our own courses or programs doesn’t mean you have to take somebody up on this if you’re worried about being more successful (whatever that even means) if you had a business coach.

It Does Not Matter How Long It Takes

You don’t care how long it takes you. Again, this is totally fine. When it comes to growing a business, there is no one right way to do this necessarily. There’s also no rush. The timeline is completely self-imposed. Some of us 🙋🏻‍♀️ want to see what we want as soon as possible. That’s a great reason to take a course or work with a coach or a professional who can help guide you through things as quickly as possible. However, if you don’t really care and you’re totally okay with taking it one step at a time, you don’t really need a business coach, in my opinion. Like I said, there’s a lot of resources out there.

Bonus Reason

If you don’t want a business coach, then you don’t have to work with one! That is a completely valid reason. Or even if you speak to a few different coaches and you realize they don’t have what you’re looking for then that’s okay too. That is something I really want to get across. Just because the option is out there, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

If None of Those 3 Reasons Apply to You

With all of that being said, if you are interested and curious about how I work with people, click here to book a consult with me. I would love to talk with you and point you in the right direction.

You can also listen to this episode's podcast by clicking the photo below.

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