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What Is The KLT Framework For Finding Patients?

A Look Inside Our Ditch The Grind Webinar

During today’s post, we’ll be diving into the intriguing world of the KLT framework, a crucial business basics when it comes to starting a thriving cash based physical therapy practice. The terms of the KLT framework – Know, Like, and Trust, may be ones you have heard before, but throughout this post, we aim to shed light on its significance, especially in the realm of marketing for your PT practice.

But first, as a sneak peek into our free Ditch the Grind training, we'll be sharing a couple of success stories from individuals who have embraced the KLT framework in their journey from therapists to successful private practice owners.

Meet Ross – A Case Study in Strategic Launching

Our first story revolves around Ross, a client and dear friend who came to me with motivation to start his own cash based practice. Ross is a highly trained manual physical therapist and was looking for a way to use his skill set, but on his own terms. His goal was to create a practice that aligned with his treatment values for high quality patient care, allowing him more time with his child and the flexibility to pursue further education such as a fellowship program.

Ross joined the DPT to CEO program, laying out a strong foundation for his physical therapy clinic. He was well known in his community and had built solid relationships with the individuals around him within his area prior to starting his practice. You can find out more about our DPT to CEO program here. 

During his time in our program, we were able to assist him with the planning of his practice’s launch, hoping to generate buzz and momentum around his practice's opening. To his pleasant surprise, Ross found himself with a full caseload within the first week of opening his practice. The success continued, surpassing his expectations, allowing him to hit an impressive $4,000 of income within the first two weeks of opening.

Ross's journey exemplifies the power of the KLT framework in action. By relying on his reputation and trust within his community, he was able to create a thriving practice, achieving the work-life balance he desired.

Sam's Bold Move – A Leap of Faith

The second narrative introduces Sam, a highly motivated and driven individual. Sam was newer to her community compared to Ross, but had spent the last year and a half building relationships in her clinic, establishing herself within the local healthcare network, and playing a lot of tennis at her local facilities. Her goal was not only to start her own physical therapy practice but also to rekindle her love for tennis and incorporate it into her everyday lifestyle.

Sam joined our DPT to CEO program with a bold and decisive attitude. Despite being relatively new in her community, she decided to take the leap and quit her job cold turkey to begin laying the foundations for her new practice. Fast forward to two months into starting her practice, she's already achieved double-digit caseloads, formed various partnerships with local athletic facilities, and is fulfilling her dream of specializing in treating tennis, pickleball, and racket sport athletes.

Sam’s story is another testament to the impact of the KLT framework. Although she was not as well-known within her community as Ross, she had spent time building relationships within her previous physical therapy clinic and local tennis facilities to boost the traction she was able to gain with starting her own practice. This story goes to show the importance of networking and gaining the trust of those around you and within your area of expertise to ensure success on your own as a private practice owner.

The KLT Framework Unveiled

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork of this post with examples of success stories of our DPT to CEO students, let's unpack the KLT framework – Know, Like, and Trust. While the terms themselves seem pretty straightforward, these elements play a critical role in the success of any cash based practice, especially when it comes to in-person and digital marketing strategies. Learn about the benefits of content marketing for building know, like, and trust here. 

With these stories, our two practice owner examples had a significant advantage when it came to starting their own practices – time spent networking within their field and community, adequate in-person interaction, and undoubted trust of those around them.

For those starting their practice, the challenge to success lies in developing a solid foundation for your business that emphasizes familiarity, likeability, and trust with potential patients seeking out your physical therapy services. It’s not enough to set up your business entity and then wait for clients to come – because they won’t. You must shift your mindset to the importance of establishing connections and community building trust before expecting patients to buy your services. Check out my blog post here on the #1 mindset shift to grow your business.

How Are You Spreading the Word?

If you’ve been wondering how to start a physical therapy business, or have already started but are having trouble gaining traction, take a step back and look at your current strategies. How are you making yourself known in the community? What efforts are you putting into building rapport, both in-person and online? And lastly, how are you earning the trust of your potential clients?

These questions form the foundation of a solid marketing strategy and successful practice. Whether you resonate more with Ross or Sam, understanding where you’re at and where you’re going is very important. 

Intentional Efforts Result in Practice Success 

The KLT framework isn't just a marketing buzzword, it's a powerful tool that can shape the success of your cash based practice. Sam and Ross's stories illustrate how a strategic approach, coupled with authentic connection-building, can lead to rapid and sustained growth for your physical therapy business. 

As you navigate your journey from physical therapist to cash based practice owner, remember the importance of the KLT framework – a journey of becoming known, liked, and trusted by your audience.

If you’re interested in checking out our free Ditch the Grind training associated with the KLT framework, you can sign up here. 

Or if you’d like more individual help, get in touch! I'd love to learn about you and your practice and help point you in the direction that’s best for you. 

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