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interview with ali marty, mobile physical therapy

Updated: May 10, 2021

Watch the full interview here!

Dr. Ali Marty is a Physical Therapist and President of Mobile Physical Therapy in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. When she moved to Las Vegas in 2016 she worked for a private outpatient orthopedic clinic and quickly realized this clinic was different than what she was used to: many patients to a single provider, not enough support staff and over worked colleagues. Because of this in 2018 she opened Mobile Physical Therapy to provide convenient in-home physical therapy sessions to clients in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. In 2020 she became a participating provider with Medicare Part B to be able to serve a clientele that she greatly enjoyed treating and had been missing: joint replacements. Currently Dr. Ali, PT provides in-home and telehealth visits for her clients who have shoulder, ankle and knee injuries and those who are planning to have or have had joint replacement surgeries. Typically her clients are self-pay, and a few use Medicare Part B for payment. When she isn’t working on her physical therapy business you can find with her husband, Royal and their Wheaten Terrier Levi.

Find Ali here:

@mobileptlv on Facebook and Instagram

Ali Marty on LinkedIn


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