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How To Create A Vision Board (That Actually Works)

Small Business Goal Setting 2024

Today, we're diving into a different approach to vision boards – one that's more than just pretty pictures and dreams, although those are great too. It's that time of year again where we're setting our goals and crafting a vision for the months ahead. If you're like me, you've probably made vision boards before, but maybe they lacked a bit of actionability. 

I recently stumbled upon a method that's not only practical but also empowering, and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Inspired by Carissa Wampler's TikTok, I've tailored this approach to suit our goals and dreams. If you’re into learning about some of my favorite “tips for business people”, grab a pen, some sticky notes, and let's get started on crafting a vision board that actually moves us forward.

Reflect on the Past Year

Before we dive into the future, let's take a moment to reflect on the past. Take some time and jot down five things you're proud of accomplishing during 2023. These could be big achievements or even personal growth milestones like sticking to a routine or adopting healthier habits. Give yourself credit where credit is due, no matter how small.

Once you’ve listed out your accomplishments, start thinking about what instances didn’t go as planned or left you feeling disappointed. Remember, this isn't about dwelling on failures but rather acknowledging areas for improvement. As uncomfortable as this can be, oftentimes the experiences we had where things didn’t work out are the biggest opportunities for growth as a business owner. Check out my blog post here where I dive into the #1 mindset shift to grow your business.

Lastly, move on to what your vision of success looks like. Write down 5 things you wish to achieve during 2024. These could even be aspirations that seem out of reach right now but are essential to your ultimate vision.

Dream Big

Take some time to brainstorm what your hopes are for 2024. Use this opportunity to let your imagination roam free and think about things that you would love to achieve if there were no limits. These could be the wildest dreams, but they’re important to acknowledge.

Think about career goals, personal goals, health goals, or even adventures you've always dreamed of embarking on. When you allow yourself to think outside of the confines of your comfort zone, this can open up the realization of your true potential.

Choose Your Goals for the Year

From your list of dreams, select three to six goals that you're ready to work towards this year. These goals should range from achievable to ambitious, blending achievable goals with your biggest dreams.

Once you've chosen your goals, it's time to give them life and give them substance. Grab your sticky notes and write down each goal on its own individual sticky note. Now write down with each goal the feeling you'll experience when you accomplish it. 

Whether it's empowerment, freedom, or triumph, give your goals a level of emotion. This can allow you to connect with your goals on a deeper level, pushing them closer to your own personal reality.

Create a Plan

Now that we’ve narrowed down our goals and given them a sense of purpose and emotion, it’s time to create a plan and break the process of reaching these goals down into actionable steps. For each goal that you’ve set, outline the specific actions you need to take to make it a reality. Break it down into manageable tasks, making sure each step is clear and achievable. Give yourself a timeframe to accomplish each action step, setting mini goals for yourself.

For example, if your goal is to improve your fitness by running a sub-eight-minute mile, your action plan might include things like scheduling regular runs, incorporating speed training, and tracking your progress.

By outlining actionable steps for each of your goals, you’re ensuring that you will be able to stay on track in the process of trying to achieve them. 

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen business owners make, including myself, when it comes to setting goals, is not having a solid grasp of how they are going to reach a goal. Sure it would be great to reach 1000 YouTube subscribers if that’s your goal, but if you don’t know how you’re going to get there, you’re less likely to take purposeful action.

Set Rewards and Affirmations

We all love a reward and the same is true when setting goals for ourselves. To keep yourself motivated, attach a reward to each goal that you set. These could be small treats or indulgences that you'll enjoy once you've achieved your objectives. Rewards provide that extra incentive to stay focused and committed to what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Additionally, turn your past disappointments into affirmations for the future. Write positive statements that counteract those moments of doubt or setback. As we’ve mentioned before, there really is no such thing as true failure as a business owner. Each experience, good or bad, is an opportunity for growth. But to ensure that you see the silver linings in whatever disappointments you have experienced, these affirmations will help you stay determined and hungry for more.

Check out my blog post here interviewing my good friend, Tyler Burke, where we dive into dealing with “failure” even when you think you’re prepared.

Bring Your Vision Board to Life

This next part may be my favorite. You have your goals, your action steps, your rewards and affirmations written out for yourself. Now, it’s time to actually create your vision board. You will need a blank canvas – this can be a poster board, computer paper, or even a digital platform that allows you to create. Arrange your sticky notes in such an order that goals are on the left side of your board and affirmations on the right.

As you progress throughout the year, achieving whatever goal you have set, move that sticky note from left to right. This tangible step can help make the feeling of accomplishment even more real. As mentioned before, make sure to celebrate each accomplishment along the way, no matter how small. Creating a vision board is a great visual representation that will keep you motivated and focused on your journey.

Plan and Prioritize

You have your vision board and you’re almost ready to tackle your goals for 2024. For the last step, take each one of your goals and schedule them into your calendar. Assign each actionable step for each goal a deadline that you will strive to meet. Not only will your vision board help you to visualize your process, but by placing each actionable step in your calendar, you’re breaking down your action plan into manageable chunks within a specific time frame. 

Remember, the key to achieving your dreams is consistency and dedication. Keep revisiting your vision board, adjusting your plans as needed, and celebrating every step forward. By taking the steps outlined in this post, you’re setting yourself up for success in 2024.

To learn more about the importance of consistency as an entrepreneur, check out my blog post here.


In conclusion, creating an actionable vision board is more than just a creative exercise – it's a powerful tool for turning your dreams into reality. So, let's get started on crafting a vision board that not only inspires but also propels us towards our goals. Keep your vision of success at the forefront of your mind.

Our goal is to help as many practice owners as possible be successful. If you’re struggling, feeling stuck, or would just like some advice from a fellow solo practice owner, get in touch! I’d love to learn about you, your practice, and see if I could help you take your dreams to new heights.

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