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Hey, I'm Morgan!

I help PTs, OTs, and other healthcare providers start & grow solo practices to $5k/mon+ so they can find time, financial, and clinical freedom.

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Start a Successful Cash-Based Solo Practice

PTs, OTs, and Healthcare Providers -- get the mentorship you need to start and grow your own cash-based health practice to $5k/mon+ and beyond and never go back to the clinic again
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I worked with Morgan for the 6 month 1:1 coaching program and I am so thankful for not only all of her help with the logistic side of things but for also pushing me and being my biggest cheerleader throughout. It isn't easy starting your own business and I had doubts and tried pushing it off from the start thinking I wasn't ready or that it wasn't the best time. However, Morgan encouraged me to take the first step and I can say now looking back that my only regret is that I wish I started sooner! 

Through my 1:1 coaching calls and going through Morgan's DPT to CEO program (and her awesome Therapy Business Basics course!) I learned step by step how to begin and what to do. Everything from setting up my business, money mindset views, creating spreadsheets and using other resources to keep a flow of the daily tasks, to marketing and facebook ads. Now that I have finished the course, I feel so good about the foundation I have layed for my business. Morgan had an answer for every question or scenario that came up and gave me a ton of resources and confidence for me to handle things that came my way. 


I am so glad I worked with Morgan. It's crazy to look back on how when I first met Morgan a little less than a year ago, I was a frustrated, burnt out clinician wanting more out of life, and now I work for myself, have a successful physical therapy business, and get to treat patients how I want to treat them and how they deserve. I couldn't be happier. You truly do go from a DPT to a CEO in Morgan's program, and the feeling at the end of the tunnel when you've finally made it is indescribable. Thank you Morgan for truly changing my life!


I specialize in digital marketing for small businesses; Therapy and other industries. I work in either an advisory or fully managed capacity to drive traffic to the digital side of your business. Schedule a consultation today!


I work with therapists who are ready to start their practices or are in the first 1-2 years of their business. We help new practice owners design, develop and grow their business. Business coaching by therapists, for therapists.


The Well Physio is my Private PT practice. We have exercise, movement, and injury specialists dedicated to helping the female fitness athlete return to the activities they love while promoting a healthy life of both mind and body

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