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I help PTs, OTs, and SLPs navigate being new business owners in order to build a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. 

👉 Do you feel like you don't have the passion for working with patients that you once did?

👉 Are you tired of being undervalued and underappreciated in your current position?

👉 Do you miss spending quality time with patients?

👉 Do you want to be in charge of your time, career, and value?

👉 Do you want to build your own source of income?

👉 Are you ready to take charge of your own business and have a real impact on your community's health?

My services are for clinicians who are starting from scratch and for clinicians who have already started their business, but are having difficulty accelerating, growing, and finding clients.


I can help you build, launch, and grow your own cash-based telehealth practice and start making consistent monthly income, doing something you enjoy!

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Build your practice. Find your patients. 
Go from DPT to CEO.

DTC is a program built by a therapist, for therapists to help you start, launch, and grow your very own business as a therapist.

This Program is for you if...

You're a PT, OT, SLP, healthcare provider OR in school to join this field

You're curious as to what working for yourself can do for your life, family, career, and happiness

You know you’re destined for more than just being a cog in the machine at a mill 

You may have started your practice or business already and spent countless hours trying to figure out marketing and sales & all you hear are crickets

You want to be your own boss with the freedom and flexibility to travel, to be present with your family, or to make extra income, but you have no idea how to get started and fear you don’t have what it takes

You're overwhelmed, stuck, worried, going in circles, looking for direction and feel like you need accountability & support

What's included?

1:1 coaching sessions

Weekly live trainings

Bite-size training courses
Actionable checklists & workbooks
In-depth tutorials
Monthly workshops
Private, distraction-free community
Mini-course: Therapy Business Basics INCLUDED!

What are you waiting for? Join today!


What People Are Saying

"Morgan's knowledge and expertise in coaching clinicians on their cash pay telehealth business is great.  She is very attentive, personal, and goal-orientated.  She gives you easy to follow steps and goals and helps to achieve those along the way! She is your #1 supporter!"


-- Sean, PT, telehealth physical therapist

"Morgan is part strategist, part intuitive sounding board, and part thought provoker. With her guidance, I was able to establish automations in my business that erased the constant hustle that can easily override the joy of owning your own business. She taught me the power in listening to my clients' needs through both the said and unsaid, and helped me find the confidence that I needed to truly establish myself as an online entrepreneur. Morgan is 100% in her zone of genius. I'm so grateful for her honest, personal, and empathetic approach. I recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their career."


--Lindsey, Owner, Lindsey B Coaching

What if this is the opportunity you've been waiting for?

I need a community to ask my questions & get feedback!

I need resources to help me get started.

I'm ready to go all in and launch my practice!

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